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If you’re a MINDBODY user, you’re going to love GymLeads' strong integration with your member management software.

Our Development team have been hard at work ensuring that our two-way integration is set up and running to ensure our customers can have an easy workflow between both softwares.

The GymLeads MINDBODY integration makes sure your leads are set up as MINDBODY clients and ready to go as soon as they join up.

Features of our MINDBODY integration include:

  • Lead capture: Create new leads in GymLeads when people sign up using the MINDBODY website or app.

  • Lead syncing: Add new leads and send lead updates to MINDBODY when details change in GymLeads. We’ll even check if they’re already in MINDBODY so you don’t have to worry about duplicates!

  • Contact logging: Send updates to MINDBODY any time notes are added or messages are sent in GymLeads.

  • Trial classes: Add a trial class booking in MINDBODY when you schedule an appointment in GymLeads.

  • Inviting MINDBODY staff: Quickly invite your MINDBODY staff to join your GymLeads team.