Your customers can now book appointments themselves through our Calendly integration which will sync straight through to your GymLeads account, updating or adding a brand new lead profile for them!

What does this mean for you?

This means that you can now block out your preferred availability for client bookings and provide them access to your Calendly. Once in Calendly, clients can choose their preferred date and time and this will sync through to GymLeads and you will receive a notification. 

GymLeads will:

  • Create the appointment on the leads profile in GymLeads

  • If the lead does not exist, GymLeads will create a profile

  • If the lead has entered a different name, GymLeads will update this

  • GymLeads will schedule the appointment and show the start and duration time

  • If the event is cancelled, this will be updated with the cancellation reason

  • If the customer reschedules, the appointment will be updated