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GymLeads has the honour of working quite closely with the leading industry partners of the Martial Arts Industry!

Martial Arts Australia is the Peak Industry Body that supports all martial arts instructors / school owners offering group deals on insurance, direct debit, coaching courses and other associated business tools. They have been serving the industry since 1993 providing support to over 3000 school owners from all styles. Founded by Graham Slater the association started out as the Karate Alliance (IKA), then evolved into the Martial Arts Alliance (IMA) to embrace all styles / schools and in 2001 Martial Arts Australia was born to better serve Australians.

If you’d like to know more information, please don’t hesitate to contact them at

Phone: 03 8601 1124

Email: [email protected]

Alternatively, you are more than welcome to contact our Customer Success team at [email protected]