We have expertly designed a beautiful and intuitive software that will help capture, convert and communicate to your leads.

  • Appointment Bookings

  • Targets

  • Email & SMS

  • In House Customer Support

  • Reports

  • Tagging

  • Call Schedules

  • Calendar

  • Capturing your leads


Appointment Bookings

Schedule your own appointments and bookings with your clients and even be reminded about them on your Sales Dashboard! GymLeads makes it easy to see exactly what you have on for the day and helps you create that seamless workflow


Email & SMS

Need to send a quick email or SMS? Why not let the system do it for you? You have the ability send direct and marketing emails & SMS through the system with the click of a button! Need to take this one step further? We can even have the system automatically send follow ups after an unsuccessful phone call! Take back your time and let the system do it for you.



GymLeads will give you access to multiple comprehensive reports so you can see exactly what’s going on in your club but also what’s going on with your specific sales team. If you’re finding you’re losing sight over what happens at the club, GymLeads reports will give you quick insight into everything from sales, activities, lost leads, trials and so much more!


Call Schedules

Always wanted to make sure your sales teams were calling leads within a certain time frame? Or even to set yourself friendly reminders to call someone? We’ve created call schedules so you can tell the system exactly when your team need to be calling someone and even when to follow up when the call is unsuccessful!


Capturing your leads

The main reason why GymLeads was created was to capture all of your leads from multiple locations and bring them all to one central location so you can manage them easily. We can capture your leads from your website, Facebook, Instagram, landing pages and so much more!



In GymLeads, you’ll have the capabilities to set your own club targets but also individual sales team targets too. You’ll be able to easily monitor these targets straight from your Management Dashboard and keep an eye on exactly how everyone is tracking!


In House Customer Support

GymLeads offers an abundance of Customer Support to make sure your account is up and running from day one! We offer an individual setup and training call, online support videos and articles and even have an online support chat to answer any questions you may have!



Tagging is one of the many powerful tools we have in GymLeads. What this means for you is you can start tagging your leads with something in particular (8weekchallenge) and then run all of your reports on this tag and even market towards these tags easily! Why not take it one step further and start automating your communication to these tagged leads?



Another great feature in GymLeads is our easy to use calendar system. You have the ability to sync our calendar with your Google calendar and phone calendar. You can even turn on your sales team calendars and see all activities they have scheduled on for the week as well.


GymLeads has its own marketing system so you can send bulk campaigns and automate your communication all within the one software!

  • Automatic Funnels

  • Groups

  • Bulk SMS

  • Templates

  • Bulk Emails


Automatic Funnels

Our Funnels are easily one of the most powerful tools we have in GymLeads. This means you can start automating your communication straight to your leads without you having to even think about it! We offer automation for both emails and SMS and have a wide range of triggers! Curious?


Bulk SMS

Our most common feedback is how many different softwares our customers have to use to be able to do everything. Well we have good news! GymLeads have built an in software bulk SMS feature to make sure you can target a wide range of leads, straight from the one system! The best thing? You get all responses back to the same system as well which makes managing your communication so much easier!


Bulk Emails

Don’t just stop at bulk SMS! We offer Bulk Emails as well and even provide you with a checklist to go through before sending so you can’t miss anything important before hitting that send button! After you’ve sent it, you can easily track your deliverability rate, open rate and click rate straight from your sent folder.



Do you have a regular group of leads you usually like to target with your marketing? We’ve created an automatically updating mailing list so you can tell the software who should be in the group and let the software update it for you. Have peace of mind when sending your messages knowing that everyone in that group should be there, because if not, the software would have kicked them out already!



Find yourself sending the same email or SMS 50 times a day? No worries! Add it as a template and send it through with the click of a button! We offer a few different styles of templates being your HTML Templates, Quick Send Templates and SMS templates.