Facebook is one of the most popular platforms to market your business on and run Ads gaining your business more lead traffic! Due to this, we have created two different ways of integrating Facebook to GymLeads and ensuring, your leads sync through to the software seamlessly.

Facebook lead ads

Facebook Lead ads are a powerful way to capture leads through Facebook. You can automatically bring these leads into GymLeads via our Facebook integration.

Once you've set up up Facebook Integration, leads from your lead ads should start coming in automatically when submitted.

Available Fields
Facebook Lead Ads allow you to ask for a range of personal details from leads. Here is what GymLeads can fetch:

  • Full name

  • First name

  • Email

  • Surname

  • Phone number/mobile number

  • City

  • Postcode

Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger integration allows makes managing leads from your Facebook Page a breeze by:

  • Automatically filtering new messages through your Facebook page as a lead or member.

  • Automatically taking leads through a simple qualification flow, finding out which club they are interested in (if you have more than one) and asking for their mobile number.

  • Bringing their profile into your account as a new lead, with their name, profile picture and gender.

  • Once assigned to a salesperson, they can continue messaging them in Facebook Messenger through the GymLeads Platform.

Check it out for yourself! Head over to our demo Facebook page and click 'send message' to see the integration in action.