Dan Henderson - game changer program

The Game Changer program was created by Dan and Tarek to help fitness professionals magnify their impact and excel in business.

Dan and Tarek saw many terrific fitness professionals struggle within their businesses and even leave the industry because they didn’t have the support, resources or strategy to succeed.

Both Dan and Tarek have built multiple successful businesses and wanted to share their lessons in a structured program that enabled great coaches to experience similar success.

The Game Changer program coaches some of the world’s leading fitness businesses and professionals. Their ‘Next Generation Fitness’ system enables fitness business owners to maximise their impact, leverage their time, increase their profit and have longevity in this great industry.

Not only do Dan and Tarek have real world experience in building profitable gyms and studios but they are constantly seeking the most innovative information to revolutionise your business. They travel regularly to the US to assess what the best fitness businesses in the industry are doing as well as seeking mentorship from some of the greatest minds in the world.

The Game Changer program will not only transform your business but it will transform your life.

Find out more by going to: https://danielhenderson.com.au/