Why your gym needs a personalised sign in system like Front Desk

No matter how big or small your fitness club is, all gym owners are familiar with the 5pm rush. For the uninitiated, it’s the hectic few hours after office workers leave their desks for the day and stop at the gym to exercise on their way home. There are the regulars that arrive like clockwork every day to do the same group fitness classes or regular workout routines. And then there are occasional gym-goers or new starters – the ones who look a little wild-eyed and unsure of what they should be doing or where they should be going. But, regardless of who your main clientele is, the front desk of a fitness club after business hours is usually utter chaos, which is where a personalised sign-in and lead capture system like GymLeads Frontdesk is a life-changing addition.

So what is FrontDesk

Frontdesk is an app that allows you to capture new leads or keep track of existing leads as they enter the gym. A new lead, such as a prospective member visiting for the first time, can view all the check in information required on either an iOS or Android device, plus sign any required health and safety waivers right there in the app. All this information is then fed straight into your GymLeads CRM for safekeeping and future sales and marketing activity. When an existing member signs in to the gym using Frontdesk, this information is also fed through to your CRM, allowing you to leverage the suite of marketing and customer reporting functionality available through GymLeads.

What are the main benefits of using Frontdesk?

For smaller clubs with limited staffing capabilities, Frontdesk enables you to keep track of who is coming in and out of the club, even if you don’t always have a staff member on the desk, or they’re busy juggling multiple tasks.

And for larger clubs dealing with a constant stream of people coming through the door, Frontdesk can be run on several devices at the same time, meaning multiple leads can sign in all at once, reducing their wait times (and the risk of them walking away without signing up altogether!) and your stress levels.

No matter how big or small your club is, keeping track of your leads on a digital platform as opposed to sheets of paper on a clipboard, means there is far less likelihood of a lead getting lost. Having each lead automatically saved in the Frontdesk app, with the added bonus of it feeding straight into your CRM, will save you the time and effort of manually transferring your leads to another digital system.

But, one of the best things about Frontdesk is that it also has the ability for leads to scan a QR code and check in on their own personal device, giving you the ability to make the sign in process COVID-19 safe and contactless. In the current environment, automating this process also frees up staff to perform any additional COVID-19 safe tasks required, like temperature checks or additional cleaning. And of course, an app is an entirely paper-free solution, making it much better for environmentally conscious businesses (and saving you money overall too!).

What sets Frontdesk apart?

There are a couple of features that set Frontdesk apart from other sign-in solutions.

This app is an integrated system with GymLeads CRM. This means that all leads entered into the Frontdesk sign in system are automatically fed through to the CRM, which enables you to access all the sales and marketing functionality that GymLeads offers. For example, if a lead comes into the club for the first time and enters their information into Frontdesk, you could ensure a triggered welcome email is set up to be sent to them immediately. The other aspect of CRM integration is the reporting side, meaning you can easily track lead behaviour and figure out which marketing communications are most effective in converting and engaging leads ongoing. Frontdesk’s software can also be completely personalised to your gym or fitness club, meaning you can use your own logo, style and colours for a seamless brand experience.

So, while there are a few standalone solutions in the market, there is no other product that allows gym owners complete branding personalisation and also ties in to a full CRM system. From when a lead first sets foot in your club, through to ongoing lead nurturing and conversion, it’s a seamless, hassle-free experience, for both your leads and staff.

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