5 Reasons Why You’re Not Converting Your Gym’s Sales Leads

Even though you have a steady stream of leads, what’s stopping your sales team from turning them into members?

Here are 6 reasons why, including tips on how you can fix it.

You don’t have a clear sales process

A clear sales process is a step by step plan that your sales team can follow to convert a lead into a member. It details when and how your team contacts your leads and what the goal is for each step, whether it’s inviting them for a tour of the gym or following up with a free trial.

Tip: Map out your sales process that you can provide your sales team.

You’re relying on spreadsheets

If you’re keeping track of your leads using Excel, you are making sales harder than it should be. Not only is this a manual process, but there is a high chance that you could accidentally lose information and let the ball drop with following up with your leads. Besides, Excel is such a pain!

Tip: Automate this process with lead management software that helps you prioritise your leads. Book a free demo with GymLeads today.

You’re not following up quickly enough

As soon as someone expresses interest in joining your gym, it should be your sales team’s priority to respond to them as quickly as possible.

Whether the lead has come through a Facebook Lead Ad or your gym’s website form, catch them during this time before they start researching and contacting your competitors.

Tip: Ensure all your leads automatically come into one central place so your sales team can respond as quickly as possible.

You’re not nurturing your leads

Amazing customer service should feel authentic and personal. Your sales process should seek to nurture your leads by understanding their needs, outlining the options you can provide and tailoring the sales process to be as personalised as possible.

Tip: Capture as much relevant information as you can from your leads and use this to personalise your interactions with them. It’s as simple as using their first name in texts and emails.

You’re not outlining next steps

Walk through your leads through every step of your sales process with clear calls to action. This makes the process of becoming a member of your gym effortless for them, and empowers your sales team.

Tip: Make it very clear to your leads why you are contacting them, whether it’s to book in a tour or to sign the membership agreement.


  • Start by setting a clear sales process for your gym’s sales team that has step by step instructions, including scripts and templates.
  • Have all your leads from all your marketing channels come into one place.
  • Automate your sales process with lead management software.
  • Personalise your interactions with leads as much as possible.
  • Make it clear in every interaction what the ‘next steps’ are for your leads.