5 Common Email Marketing Mistakes To Avoid At Your Fitness Business

Email is a great marketing channel to use – it’s inexpensive and if you nail the brief, it can really help to convert leads to members. However, there are a few common mistakes fitness businesses make when sending our email marketing campaigns. Read on to learn what they are and how to avoid them.

Too much information

Keep things short and sweet. It can be very easy to go off on a tangent and end up with a long email with too much information. It will confuse the readers and the purpose of your email will be lost.

To avoid falling into the trap of including too much information in your email campaigns, follow these tips:

  • Pick one action you want your recipients to take after reading the email. Make it very obvious by making it bold, or including it as a call-to-action button.
  • Use dot points to list out the reasons why they should do what you want them to do.
  • Use images and formatting to get your message across. No one likes reading long chunks of text!

Sending to your entire mailing list

Unless the email you are sending would be relevant to everyone on your mailing list (it’s rare), we recommend segmenting your mailing list so you only send to people who would find your email relevant.

This will mean you can be very targeted in your email, and achieve higher conversion rates.

Tip: Using GymLeads Marketing, you can use the Groups feature to divide your leads and clients into segments that can be targeted using funnels and bulk messages for email and SMS marketing.

Not reviewing your open and click rates

If you’ve already sent marketing emails before, take a look at what’s worked in the past, as your past campaigns can give you a baseline from which to start improving.

Here are two core metrics to focus on when it comes to email marketing:

Open rate: How many people open your emails
Click-through rate: How many people click on a link in your email

If your open rate isn’t great, you can improve the subject line and timing of the email.

If your click through rate isn’t great, you may want to review your content (that it’s clear and enticing) and your recipients (that they would find the content relevant). This brings us onto the next mistake many fitness businesses and gyms make when it comes to email marketing.

Not personalising to the recipient

It’s likely that the people receiving your email are flooded with emails throughout the day. However, if an email is personalised, it’s more likely that they will pay attention, since it’s more likely to contain something relevant to them.

Tip: Using GymLeads Marketing, you can include personalisation tags so the SMS and email marketing campaigns you send are more effective.

Not sending at the right time

It’s extremely frustrating when someone calls at dinnertime or when you’re right in a middle of a complicated task. This is why it’s important to try and send your emails at the most suitable time possible for your recipients.

Stay away from sending too late or too early in the mornings, and test out different times to see what works best. A good place to start is to think about the types of people your gym or fitness studio attracts, and what times they would be best placed to receive a marketing email or SMS.


Not using email marketing at all

If you’re not using email marketing at all, you are missing out! Not only is it one of the most cost-effective marketing channels around, it is also quite easy once you get the hang of it.

At Gymleads, we include email marketing software in our platform, built specifically for gyms and fitness studios. Learn more and book a demo with us to find out more.